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What Are Video Questions?

If you have a question for James you can record yourself  playing, record your question along with it and James with analyze your video and send you a personalized video response with exercises and information to overcome your issues.

A great way to overcome poor internet connections or Timezone differences between you and James. Just record your video, upload to YouTube as unlisted and send using the simple Video Question Form anytime.

You can now send your specific question without having to spend hours searching for the right tutorial on YouTube.

James will analyze and reply to your video within 48 hours of receiving it and the video is yours to keep.

The Video Question submission process is simple but there a few guidelines to follow. Click Here for Guidelines >

Video Question


Email Address * 

Add the email where James can send your personal video response.

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Video Question Submission Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below for a success submission process.

Video question length

Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes in length. Submissions will not be reviewed past the 3 minute mark resulting in information not being a part of the review process.

Number of questions per video

Each video submission should contain one topic. If multiple topics are submitted the first topic will be the only one to be answered.  James reserves the right to request that too broad of questions be made more specific.

48 Hours reply

Normal reply times of video submissions are within 48 hours. In the event that James is on tour or making personal appearances some video submission requests may take longer than normal.

What Video Platforms are Accepted

Platforms accepted for video submissions are YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, Google Drive or any other video streaming service. Your video submission must be accessible without the need of a password or other limitations.

Are submissions private or public

You have the choice of keeping your submission to James and his reply public or unlisted. Submissions must be accessible without the need of Login Credentials or Passwords.

How will i receive my video reply

James will send you an unlisted streaming video link to his reply. You can have a downloadable version of the reply by specifying at the time of purchase in the Additional Information box.

What if I didn't understand the reply

If there are any technical issues with the reply or if you are having difficulty understanding the content please Contact Us Here >

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James is making personal appearances or currently on Tour. Please note that all Video Submission Request and other contact submissions may be delayed more normal. 



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