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To book a Skype Lesson fill out the Skype Appointment form choosing either the 30 or 60 minute session.  Be sure to add your Skype Username that James will use to call you at your appointed date and time.  Please note that the times listed in the appointment form reflect your local Timezone.  Appointment Guidelines & Policy >>

Skype Lesson sessions come in 30 or 60 minute options. For longer lessons feel free to purchase an additional 30 or 60 minute lesson and schedule it for right after your primary booked lesson.

Skype lessons can both be done on drum kit or drum pads in case you don’t have an internet connection by your kit. James will have both a kit and pads to cover all demonstrations.

A lesson session can be built around your specific questions or you can let James analyze your playing and build workout routines to strengthen your weaknesses.

If you are committed to a more intensive and personal course approach you can book in advance recurring lessons scheduled for a specific day and time just as you would attending a music school.

Skype Lesson

From $30.00 30 minutes


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Send a Video Question

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