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It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Too many people plan their lives on a short-time mindset that makes it almost impossible to achieve goals. Let’s see how to work on this.

The 10.000 Hours Approach

In my experience putting a lot of time into practicing hasn’t been a productive thing, quite the opposite, and there’s a reason for that…

Are You Talented?

Many people doubt themselves because they are hunted from the question “Am I Talented?” without really analyzing what talent might be.

Learn How To Learn

In this episode we will see how we could improve much faster doing less work!

Value Time Over Lifestyle

In this episode we will discuss how we can improve our life to give space to our career by making smart economical decisions

The Non Linear Learning Path

In this episode we will see what a learning process path looks like and why sometimes we can’t achieve results

What Is Entertainment?

In this episode I talk about what Entertainment is and what are some typical mistakes we make when we create unsuccessful content

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