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How To Use The Metronome In Our Practice

In this lesson you will find: 17:51 min Explanatory Video Description: The metronome is often misused in our practice sessions and becomes more of an obstacle than a helpful tool. Let’s see together what is the right way to use the metronome and clarify its role in our exercises.

Vertical Motions VS. Lateral Motions

In this lesson you will find: 13:34 min Explanatory Video Description: Often, our body moves laterally or vertically without our complete control, but, is there a benefit in using either lateral or vertical motions? Let’s understand what are the differences and how we can benefit from both these way of developing the techniques!

Writing Drum Parts

In this lesson you will find: 8:47 min Explanatory Video Workout PDF Description: Many times we find ourselves in situations where we have to write drum parts for songs and we can’t really come up with an original idea or we don’t know if what we are playing is the right thing for the song. …

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