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Swivel Technique Application

In this lesson you will find: 16:32 min Explanatory Video Workout PDF Workout Metronome Description: Educating our brain to shift from the bigger muscles of the leg to the smaller ones of the ankle using the Swivel technique is a very important step to learn how to stay synchronized to the pedal when we shift …

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The Swivel Technique

In this lesson you will find: 14:31 min Explanatory Video Workout PDF 15:08 min Coaching Play-Along Video Description: Many times we hear that the Swivel technique hurts your knees or that’s just a natural motion, but, what is the Swivel technique exactly? Finally we will learn what the Swivel technique is, and how to play …

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Swivel Motion Coordnation

In this lesson you will find: 13:07 min Explanatory Video Description: Sometimes it can be hard to coordinate the Swivel motion between the two feet, and the main reason is because our brain isn’t capable of controlling 2 parts of our body at the same time. But with a few little tricks, we can make …

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