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How To Use The Internet

In this lesson you will find: 10:25 min Explanatory Video Description: Internet can be one of the best tools to have or one of the most time wasting weapons in our lives. How to use and recognize if the information we’re looking up to on the Internet are accurate and real is foundamental now a …

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Conversion Rate

In this lesson you will find: 14:21 min Explanatory Video Description: How do we understand if we are doing the right things to eventually make a living with our talent and skills? Is being popular on the Internet enough to make money with music? How do we calculate the conversion rate between our views and …

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Build Your Business

In this lesson you will find: 19:43 min Explanatory Video Description: We spend years and a lot of money to learn how to play drums and buying gear but then, we are not exactly educated on what to do with our skills and how we can monetize them. Let’s understand together how to build our …

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In this lesson you will find: 17:49 min Explanatory Video Description: Self promotion is not a common topic in drum lessons or music schools, but, what should we do once we’ve learned to play our instrument? We invest a lot of money, time and energy in learning to play an instrument, and many times we’re …

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Art vs. Technicality

In this lesson you will find: 23:57 min Explanatory Video Description: Being an Artist or a Session Musician are two completely different things and most of the musician out there fail at having a career because they don’t understand it. How do we understand which is our role in this industry and which is the …

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How Much Time Should You Practice

In this lesson you will find: 9:43 min Explanatory Video Description: One of the most frequent question I hear and I get from students is ‘How much time should I practice?’ Let’s understand why practicing 10 hours a day is not the solution and the scientific explanation of why there’s a specific amount of time …

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