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Heel Down Application

In this lesson you will find: 16:25 min Explanatory Video Workout PDF Workout Metronome Description: Staying synchronized to the pedal is one of the most important things for a drummer to be able to play at any speed in full comfort. Let’s work on shifting the control from leg motion to ankle motion with the …

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Hands And Feet Similarities

In this lesson you will find: 10:17 min Explanatory Video Description: The similarities between hands and feet is what made me realize how the 2 parts of the body work alike and helped me develop my feet technique! In this video I compare the motions and explain how they work!

Heel Down

In this lesson you will find: 16:02 min Explanatory Video 12:45 min Coaching Playing-Along Video Workout PDF Description: The Heel Down it’s a great technique for speed but not only! In fact, even if we don’t use it or apply it to our playing, it’s a great exercise for the up-motion of our feet and …

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