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The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming - eBook

The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming  is an interactive eBook that includes over 100 clickable clips. The instructional method is based on the Freddie Gruber approach of drumming applied to extreme metal playing, starting from the most basic information to the most advanced tips on techniques and fast drumming.

This eBook goes beyond only demo exercises. James explains the importance of body motion and its role in drumming techniques and how the body reacts to external forces like the rebound and the spring of the pedal.

Learn how to develop hand and feet techniques and apply them in the most efficient way to control them on the drums. Get in sync with pedals and drums with this eBook.

CLIPS FILMED BY: Cristina Limonta
PHOTOS BY: Marco Cattaneo

The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming is an interactive book where you will find over 100 clickable words linked to popup videos each presenting the motion in visual detail.

– Introduction – Study Method – Fulcrum – Rebound/Maintenance – Feet/Hands Similarities – Posture – Feet Technique – Ankle Isolation – Springless Exercises – Spring Exercises – Steps To Apply The Techniques – Groove

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Three Ways Independence

Three Ways Independence  comes from years of research on how to develop the most efficient and complete practice method ever created. The goal was to create a method that would save practice time, but still include a step-by-step course with a set of comprehensive exercises that would teach us how to play anything that comes to our mind, and without having to study styles of music outside our interests.

I’ve named this method Three Ways Independence  because the exercises are organized into three different sections, based on the three ways our brain controls our limbs – Horizontal, Vertical and Crisscrossed.

The sequence of exercises will push you to execute all possible permutations of body motions. Once you’ve gone through and studied, practiced, and internalized these exercises, you will no longer have limb independence issues.

– Explanation
– The Alphabet
– Horizontal: Leading with the hands
– Horizontal: Leading with the feet
– Vertical: Leading with the right
– Vertical: Leading with the left
– Crisscrossed: Leading with the right hand and left foot
– Crisscrossed: Leading with the left hand and right foot

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The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming - eBook (ITALIANO)

The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming  è un eBook interattivo che include oltre 100 video cliccabili. Il metodo didattico è basato sull’approcio batteristico di Freddie Gruber applicato al playing metal estremo, partendo dalle informazioni più basilari arrivando ai consigli più avanzati sulle tecniche e drumming veloce.

Questo eBook non dimostra solamente gli esercizi da poter fare. James spiega l’importanza dei movimenti del corpo e il loro ruolo nelle tecniche di batteria e come il corpo reagisce alle forze esterne come il rimbalzo e la molla del pedale.

Impara come sviluppare le techniche di mani e piedi e applicarle nel modo più efficace possibile per poterle controllare sulla batteria. Sincronizzati con i pedali e la batteria con questo eBook.

VIDEO FILMATI DA: Cristina Limonta
FOTOGRAFIE DI: Marco Cattaneo

The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming  è un eBook interattivo nel quale troverete oltre 100 parole cliccabili che faranno apparire dei video, ognuno dei quali dimostrerà graficamente il concetto descritto a parole nel libro.

– Introduzione
– Metodo Di Studio
– Fulcro
– Rimbalzo/Mantenimento
– Similitudini Tra Mani e Piedi
– Postura
– Tecniche Di Piede
– Isolamento Della Caviglia
– Esercizi Senza Molla
– Esercizi Con La Molla
– Passaggi Per Applicare Le Tecniche
– Groove

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